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Writing and Editing

I offer writing and editing services for print and the web, from a short blurb to a feature-length pieces. During an internship at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications I wrote the feature article "Keeping Satellites on Track." The lead scientist of the satellite project, Prof. Patrick Reed of Cornell University, said it was "one of the best pieces that have been written in this area." As a trained scientist and journalist, I am aptly qualified and able to thoroughly research a topic, translate technical articles into everyday language, and communicating knowledge in an understandable and engaging manor. Samples of my writing are available in my portfolio.


Having trouble making sense of mounds of information or finding the information you need in the first place? I can help. In scientific research, everything must have a solid foundation in data, whether quantitative or qualitative. This predilection for data makes me a conscientious researcher in everything I do. If the answer matters (for example, drug side effects and interactions), I will not accept "I don't know" and I will not express false certainty. If an answer exists, I will find it. Often the answer is murky. Having studied climate science, I am also well versed in conveying uncertainty and multiple takes on data. I also have experience with computer visualization and data processing.